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New for School Nutrition this Fall!

School Nutrition Services is happy to announce both breakfast and lunch meals will be available at no cost to all Chatham County Schools students for the 2021-2022 School Year. This school year we will operate on the Summer Seamless Option, an extension of the USDA School Breakfast and National School Lunch Program. We will return to the meal patterns associated with those programs. Visit this site in early August to check out our new menu offerings for the upcoming school year. Our menu team and cafe staff are super excited for our students, staff and visitors to participate in our meal services. See meal price information below.

Stay Tuned!








Breakfast and Lunch

Students attending summer school classes in school can take advantage of our free breakfast and lunches Monday through Thursday. Click here to visit our menu page.

3-day Take Home Meals 

This program is free for any student enrolled in summer school prorams throughout June 14 through August 12 to ensure every child has access to meals while they are home.

  • Request a 3-day Take Home Meal Pack by submitting the 3-day Take Meal form available at the school which your student is enrolled or click here (English 3-day, Spanish 3-day) for the form and submit it to the cafe manager at the school your student is attendning this summer. Find our 3-day pack menu and storage instructions for these meals here.



 7-day Meal Packs

Every Thursday from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm starting June 24 through August 5, 2021. Select schools will be open for curbside. Choose a school convenient to you. You must register by calling 919.542.6600. Click here to visit our menu page.

*Important Notice: Students enrolled in CCS summer school programs are not eligible for 7-day meal packs. Please contact School Nutrition Services if you need to adjust your registration to the 3-day Take Home meal pack. 

Curbside Locations:

  • Horton Middle School 10:30 am to 1:00 pm
  • Jordan Matthews High School 10:30 am to 1:00 pm

Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT)

The Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) program helps families purchase food for children whose access to free or reduced-priced meals at school has been impacted by COVID-19 because students are learning virtually, outside of brick-and-mortar schools. P-EBT is a collaboration between the NC Department of Health and Human Services and the NC Department of Public Instruction.
The P-EBT benefits will be provided through the current EBT system. EBT is an electronic system that replaced paper food stamp coupons with a card that is like debit card. Pandemic Electronic Benefits (P-EBT) provides a benefit on an EBT, or Electronic Benefits Transfer, card. The P-EBT card functions like a standard EBT card. The P-EBT card can be used to purchase food items at EBT authorized retailers, including most major grocery stores.
Chatham County Schools families do not need to apply for P-EBT, however, families do need to submit a meal benefits application to School Nutrition Services to determine eligibility for free and reduced-priced meals (click on the Meal Applications button to the left or ask for a paper applicaiton from your school). Eligible families already receiving Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) benefits will receive an additional benefit on their existing EBT card. Eligible families who do not have an FNS or P-EBT card will be mailed a card.
For more information about P-EBT eligibility, about the program, who is eligible, and how families will receive the benefit, please visit
El DHHS de Carolina del Norte anunció que continuará brindando beneficios adicionales a través del programa de Transferencia Electrónica de Beneficios por Pandemia (P-EBT) para ayudar a las familias a comprar alimentos para niños cuyo acceso a comidas gratuitas o a precios reducidos en la escuela se ha visto afectado por el aprendizaje virtual durante el año escolar 2020-2021 debido al COVID-19.
Las familias de las escuelas del condado de Chatham no necesitan solicitar P-EBT, sin embargo, las familias deben
presentar una solicitud de beneficios de comidas a los Servicios de Nutrición Escolar para determinar la elegibilidad
para recibir comidas gratuitas o de precio reducido
. Circunstancias del estudiante: Un niño en edad escolar es elegible
para el programa P-EBT si su distrito escolar o escuela autónoma es elegible para proporcionar comidas gratuitas
o a precio reducido en la escuela este año, el niño fue elegible para recibir comidas gratuitas o a precio reducido
durante el año escolar 2020-2021.
El programa proporciona un beneficio en una tarjeta de Beneficio Electrónico (EBT). Las tarjetas EBT funcionan como tarjetas de crédito y se puede, utilizar para comprar alimentos en los minoristas autorizados de alimentos y abarrotes, incluidas la mayoría de las principales tiendas de comestibles. Los beneficios del P-EBT recibidos en febrero de 2021 serán por los meses de agosto a diciembre de 2020 para aquellos estudiantes que sean elegibles.Visiet para obtener más información. 




Meal Prices for 2021-2022 School Year

Age Level                      Meal                           Paid     Reduced

Elementary (K-5)           Breakfast                       FREE    FREE

Elementary (K-5)           Lunch                            FREE    FREE 

Middle School (6-8)       Breakfast                       FREE     FREE

Middle School (6-8)       Lunch                            FREE     FREE

High School (9-12)        Breakfast                       FREE     FREE

High School (9-12)        Lunch                            FREE     FREE

All levels (K-12)            Milk Carton (a la carte)    $0.50   $0.50

Adult                            Breakfast                          A la Carte

Adult                            Lunch                               A la Carte  


Questions about meals for the 2021-2022 school year may be directed to School Nutrition Services at 919.542.6600. 

The cafeteria manager where your students attend school are able to provide direction regarding money owed for meals at that campus. 




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